Sending Your Old Car To The Scrap Yard? It`S A Wise Move Because Several Parts Can Be Recycled

Sometimes it is hard to let go of an old car. But, if it doesn't run and is beyond repair, that may be the only logical choice. If you think of a scrap metal recycling yard or a place like Get Green Recycling Co. as a place where your car will be reborn, perhaps it will take the sting out of your separation. Several parts in that old car can be effectively reused. Read More 

How to Raise Money for Your Organization by Starting a Local Recycling Program

If you are in charge of a local organization in your town and need a way to raise money for it, have you considered starting a recycling program in your area? This is a great way to raise money, and this is one of the best types of ongoing fundraisers that locals may willingly participate with. To do this, you will need to decide what types of items to collect, and you must find ways to turn the items into cash. Read More 

New Kitchen, Old Cabinets: How to Fund Your Remodel Using Dumpsters

It may sound crazy, but roll-off dumpsters can be great places to find items for your kitchen remodel. The next time you're renovating on a tight budget, take a drive around the neighborhood and scout out others just like you who are gutting rooms or flipping homes. Their dumpsters could contain amazing surprises. Just remember to follow a few rules of courtesy and decorum before you begin browsing.  Ask First Read More