Sending Your Old Car To The Scrap Yard? It`S A Wise Move Because Several Parts Can Be Recycled

Sometimes it is hard to let go of an old car. But, if it doesn't run and is beyond repair, that may be the only logical choice. If you think of a scrap metal recycling yard or a place like Get Green Recycling Co. as a place where your car will be reborn, perhaps it will take the sting out of your separation. Several parts in that old car can be effectively reused. Who knows, your pride and joy just might end up gracing someone`s kitchen or incorporated into an artist`s cherished work. Here`s a run-down of all the possibilities.

Industrial Scrap Metal Usage

  • Your old car may just end up in a newly built roadway or bridge. The construction industry often adds shredded metal to the aggregate that is mixed with cement to create concrete. Recycled metal bits, are also added to asphalt to increase the lifespan of a paved highway. Your car's old tires may end up in that asphalt as well. Shredded rubber makes the asphalt more flexible and the drive smoother. 
  • Scrap metal is also used in making new refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances. Your kitchen's new stainless steel stove may have wandered the highways of America in a previous life.

Scrap Metal and Miscellaneous Household Items

The recycling doesn't end with major appliances. Recycled scrap metal is also used in the following items.

Plumbing Fixtures and Home Hardware

Faucets and other plumbing fixtures for bathrooms and kitchens are often made of recycled scrap metal. If you've installed recessed lighting, the metal frames holding the light could have come from remelted aluminum or other materials. Table lamps, the frames on chandeliers and even the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can come from recyclable metals. Newer cars sometimes have bumpers and other parts that are made of plastic, which is also recycled and used in such items.

Creating Backyard Furnishings

Do you have a metal patio table and chairs in your backyard? What about a bench or a glider swing? All of these items are apt to have some scrap metal. What about that copper fountain bubbling in the corner? The average car has nearly a mile of copper wire, which can be recycled and used to make such decorative items.

New Cookware From Old Scrap

That copper could also be used to make copper bottom pots and pans or even ornate jelly moulds. Other scrap metals go into making stainless steel cookware, cast iron frying pans, the roaster you cook that holiday turkey in, or even your favourite cookie sheets.

Making Toys From Recycled Scrap

Scrap metal and plastic are  used to make bicycles, scooters, wagons and other toys. Shredded rubber is also used to make the tires for these items.

Turning Scrap Metal Into Modern Art

Artists sometimes look at a pile of junk and see beauty. Many comb junkyards to find pieces of old cars and motorcycles to create sometimes out of this world sculptures. These are just two examples.

Ptolemy Elrington, Brighton, England

Ptolemy Elrington is an English artist that creates animal sculptures out of old car parts, mostly hubcaps and bumpers. He sometimes incorporates auto logos into his pieces, using them as fish eyes or body markings. Elrington also creates sculptures of planes and people out of recycled metals.

Leo Sewell, Philadelphia, United States

Philadelphia native Leo Sewell combs junk yards for car parts and just about anything else he can turn into sculpture. He's created everything from a life-sized aluminum horse to a golden goose, all showing evidence of car parts, tools, nuts and bolts. Sewell even created a stegosaurus, that dinosaur with the spiked tail and back plates, combining old car parts with vintage license plates and road signs.