Solving Your Company’s Recyclable Storage Needs With Roll Away Bins

Recycling is a great way to help reduce the impact on our environment and when setup properly, it is easy to put a recycling program in place at your business. You will need to educate people as to what you will recycle and where it needs to go when it is time to dispose of it but there are some ways to streamline the system to make it easy for everyone to follow. Here are a few ideas to get you headed down the road to recycling at your company or business.

Education and Awareness

Because recycling has become much more common over the last couple of years, educating people about your recycling program is getting easier. Many people have set of programs in their home with their families to help reduce waste and kids are being educated about recycling very early in school. The hardest part of setting up your program will be the logistics and then making sure all your employees understand what goes where. Put your plan in writing so it can be distributed to all your employees and they will have a quick reference guide if they forget where something goes.

Deciding What You Will Recycle

The list of materials that can be recycled these days is growing so fast that it is hard to keep up but that is good in a way. The more we recycling, the less impact on the environment and the more we reduce the cost of some raw materials used in our daily lives. You will need to consider the materials you use that currently get thrown away and look for options to reuse or recycle them. Once you have identified what you can recycle, you may want to explore the options to see if it is cost-effective to recycle them in your area. If there is no distributor or recycler for that material in a reasonable distance to you, it might not make sense to recycle it.

Storage Solutions

You have a plan, you have a list of materials to recycle, now you need a place to put those materials. One great option is roll off bins that can be easily moved around if needed and will hold the materials until the recycling company comes to get them. Portable roll off bins are very much like small dumpsters and can be placed inside or outside your facility will they are being filled. Once full, the recycler can then come and pick them up and leave an empty or they may choose to dump the container, taking just the contents and leaving the container to be filled again. Talk to the recycling company about what they offer and they can help you choose a bin that fits your needs.

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